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            The Student Leadership Council (SLC) of PNASD was established in April 2019. SLC was formed and influenced by nursing school students throughout San Diego, CA, and is composed of a diverse and motivated group of PNASD members. These students believe in the mission of SLC, and are eager to develop their professional leadership through networking, mentorship, and community outreach. There are over 50 student members in SLC, who are enrolled in various nursing programs ranging from ADN to Doctorate. SLC is led by student officers and is overseen by RN Advisers. The RN Advisers serve as guidance and support to help foster the professional growth of the students and prepare them for a career in nursing.  Since the establishment of SLC, we are proud to announce that some of the SLC officers have graduated and become RN’s and LVN’s. These same students, who are now professionals, have given back by serving as mentors and RN advisers.

            SLC has participated in numerous community outreach events through PNASD, and has launched projects of their own. One of the many innovative ideas that SLC has implemented through our “Students Helping Students Project,” is PNASD Bookshelf. PNASD Bookshelf allows student members to borrow books from an inventory of donated nursing books. The goal of this project is to build a substantial resource for the San Diego nursing community and hopefully offset the high costs of textbooks.

            Due to our current world pandemic, SLC has had to find ways to stay connected with students, such as social media. SLC uses Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to assist in connecting with students, providing public announcements of PNASD events, as well as showcasing SLC’s accomplishments, and marketing SLC swag. SLC has continued to adapt to changing times and has converted their meetings to online via Zoom.  SLC uses Zoom to conduct monthly meetings for SLC officers, bi-monthly members meetings, and quarterly general meetings. Each SLC member meetings feature different nursing presentations in relation to current nursing education, leadership development, and career challenges.

When PNASD SLC was first introduced.

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