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about us


Belief in human dignity for all people of diverse culture, respect for human rights and promotion of excellence in nursing practice.


Embrace all nurses regardless of ethnicity, develop innovative nursing leadership, improve professional nursing practice image and build a strong community partnership.


  • Foster professional growth and development for our members
  • Provide scholarship to students pursuing a nursing career
  • Promote interpersonal alliance in advocating global health
  • Collaborate with community organizations
  • Support the initiatives of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA)


Caring, Excellence, Integrity, Service, Inclusiveness

GOALS FOR 2022-2024

  1. 1. Increase membership
    • Increase recruitment by 25%, retention by 10%, and engagement by 5%.
    • Improve engagement of new members by creating a Welcome Committee. Connect with new member within 3-4 days from joining.
    • Introduce initiatives to increase membership participation
      • Diverse Volunteer opportunities (Love for Planet Earth Initiative Garden Program, Beach Clean-up, Charitable : Feeding Program, Meals On wheels, Food bank Volunteerism, Vaccination program.
      • Mental health education and events Health Fair, Maintain and Update Mental health Resource at the website, Special emphasis on “ self Help” activities.
      • Team-building and FUN activities (e.g. camping, road trips, birthday month celebrations) caroling in the month of December.
      • Medical missions (e.g. healthcare mission to the Philippines).
    • Offer discounts to attend local and national conventions and other members incentives.
    • Give incentives and recognition for inviting more members to join.
  2. 2. Increase educational opportunities to promote personal and professional growth and leadership development of members
    • Offer 3 webinars annually; provide CEUs for RNs, & LVN Certificates to Student.
    • Expand Speakers Bureau who can talk on relevant topics (e.g. mental health, financial wellness) just to name some.
    • Creation of new committees (e.g. APN and Archive Committee).
    • Coordinate with High schools to increase awareness of Nursing as a career path.
    • Continue to provide webinars on relevant and current topics i.e. Financial wellness, grant writing ( send a member to a grant writing seminar. Advance Directives, End of Life topics. Transition from work to retirement.
    • More members attending National and International conferences.
  3. 3. increase the visibility and value of PNASD through community partnerships and collaboration
    • Continue current community outreach activities (e.g. blood pressure screenings and first aid) Expand services offered at volunteer sites.
    • Partnering with other civic organization, COPAO and other community organization. Garden, Tree Planting Program, Clean Up program.
    • Support sponsors initiatives.
    • Support fundraising activities Breast Cancer Walk (e.g. cancer, Alzheimer, mental health walks).
    • Collaborate with community to meet the charitable mission : Deliver food to senior through Meals on Wheels, participate with church activities Food Drive.
    • Share the Joy of Music during Christmas Season. Establish “The PNASD Singing Nurse”.
  4. 4. Maintain transparency as a 501(c)(3) and sustain infrastructure to support long term and short term goals and aspirations
    • Support fundraising activities to increase revenue.
    • Strengthen relationships with existing sponsors.
    • Leverage community outreach activities for fundraising opportunities.
    • Offer educational opportunities for the Budget and Finance Committee , and Marketing Committee & Grant Committee (i e grant writing , , fund raising webinars etc).
    • Collaborate with community to meet the charitable mission : Deliver food to senior through Meals on Wheels, participate with church activities Food Drive.
    • Support Grant and Research Committee grant opportunities.
  5. 5. Strengthen partnership with Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) by supporting their initiatives
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