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PNASD Mental health advocacy (MHA) Committee


The Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego County, Inc. (PNASD) made 2022 the year to address matters formally and proactively on mental health. It was back in February of the same year under the administration of Crisabel Ramos when initial conversations took place that this professional nursing organization, PNASD will do more when it comes to the mental health of not only its members but their member’s families, friends, peers, and the community as well. That very same group is what will be known today as the PNASD’s Mental Health Advocacy (MHA) Committee. Jay Larrosa and Brandee Hassell were appointed as chairs of the committee while Lourdes de Perio, RN was appointed as the advisor of the committee. MHA Committee members were as follows: Pacita Baragan, Vickie Berbano, Dorothy Brown, Cece Echon, Cris Escarilla, Chona Lutap, Pat Madamba, Elvie Magsarili, Merlie Ramira, Cris Ramos, Jose Samson, Vivian Sanderlin, Elaine Soliven, Tessie Porciuncula, Emeline Yabut.

While it is obvious that more needs to be done about mental health, it also became apparent very quickly to the committee the challenges they may be facing especially when it comes to providing the needed mental health resources and services. They realized that they would need to focus on what PNASD can accomplish in respect to their capabilities and limitations due to several factors such as scope of practice and that not all members specialize or are practicing in the mental health space. For them to be an impactful and effective advocate, resource, and partner when it comes to mental health, the committee finalized their mission, vision, and overall goal. The committee together with the rest of PNASD will be guided by the following:


PNASD advocates for mental health through education, access to resources, and community partnership.


Increased awareness of the importance of acknowledging mental health to the well-being of the individual, families, and community.


Promote mental health wellness and raise awareness of the existence of mental and behavioral disorders by being an advocate and a resource to individuals, families, and community on accessible, caring and culturally competent services.

The overall goal was divided into short-term and long-term tactics. The short-term tactics is comprised of four domains: peer outreach, community outreach, community partnership and mental health program. The long-term tactics is comprised of two domains: community support and community services and resources.

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