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strategic goals 2018-2020

1. Increase PNASD membership recruitment and retention of current members

  • Develop a recruitment and retention plan
  • Enhance visibility in all nursing-related activities in healthcare institutions
  • Initiate LVN recruitment in Skilled Nursing Facilities, hospitals and clinics
  • Utilize various platforms in increasing community outreach
2. Develop a leader-mentorship program
  • Create training modules for PNASD nursing leaders
  • Encourage volunteerism among members
  • Increase attendance of members at local and international leadership conferences
  • Assign senior nurses to mentor newly recruited members
  • Mentor individuals in preparation for holding new leadership position
3. Increase PNASD visibility in community outreach programs
  • Increase visibility with community health projects among general membership
  • Continue diversity partnership with San Diego National Association of Hispanic Nurses (SDNAHN), San Diego Black Nurses Association (SBDNA), Vietnamese, Chinese and other ethnic nursing organization
  • Develop workshops in partnership with the (Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Diabetes)
  • Provide health education to community health fairs and volunteer activities and participation in various committees
4. Research and educational development
  • Establish a committee on research and development
  • Coordinate research and development plans with the PNASD and PNAA research leaders
  • Identify an initial research project aligned with the PNASD vision and mission
  • Conduct grant writing seminars

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